Precision Storytelling

  • Episode: 0 Companies are NOT Good Storytellers While every company aspires to be a good storyteller regarding their product or solution, the truth is, most of them are NOT.
  • Episode: 1 Don't NOT Educate Your Customer Don't rely on scheduling meetings with prospects to educate the now 5.4 people in the buying organization (consensus selling) on your entire or parts of your entire story.
  • Episode: 2 Don't NOT Design a Story Architecture First Marketing should first design a story architecture that answers the fundamental questions in the buyer's journey—Why, What, How and Who—before implementing story assets in different collateral types like videos, slides and text.
  • Episode: 3 NOT Text-First Storytelling Don’t rely on large, text-based collateral like whitepapers and lengthy slide decks to educate your sales force, partners and potential buyers on your offering in this new mobile world filled with busy professionals.
  • Episode: 4 NOT Anonymous Storytellers Don’t rely on writers who aren’t regularly in front of your customers to create your story, as you have great storytellers in house.
  • Episode: 5 NOT Outdated Content Don't have a content strategy that isn't operationalized and agile; lacking the people, process and software to continually keep your story up to date means having outdated story content, which only hurts the field’s sales engagements.
  • Episode: 6 Story is Software Considerations to Good Storytelling This episode describes What is PrecisionStory's approach to next generation enterprise storytelling. Among other things, this approach applies lessons learned in good software development to enhance B2B story development.
  • Episode: 7 How to Create a Story Architecture Built with Precision Stories This episode describes How to create a Story Architecture that will be implemented by building Precision Story episodes and will answer the fundamental questions of Why, What, How and Who.
  • Episode: 8 How to Implement a Story Architecture with Precision Stories In this episode, we explore the details on how to implement a Story Architecture, answering the Why, What, How and Who questions, with Precision Stories recorded by your assigned storytellers.