IoT solution stories bring to life the enhanced business outcomes promised by IoT. Buyers want to read them to learn how IoT has been put into practical practice in industries and use cases such as theirs. Buyers not only want to learn how the whole solution was created, but also which vendors were involved.

Likewise, sellers of the products, technologies and services used in deploying IoT solutions need these stories to help educate their potential customers, and, quite frankly, to gain a better understanding as to how whole solutions are brought together.

Precision includes a framework (Things, Connect, Collect, Learn and Do) for not only understanding the fundamentals of IoT, but this framework also provides a structure for IoT solution storytelling. As such, we've standardized the first and second level questions needed to tell an IoT solution story. These stories include more detail than what is found in a typical marketing driven case study. In fact, fourteen examples are included in the standard version of Precision.

At PrecisonStory, we can help you create your IoT solution stories in three fundamental ways:

  • Train your storytellers on how to write an IoT solution story utilizing the Precision framework and standardized set of questions.
  • Project manage and edit your storytellers' work, enabling you to utilize your storytellers while also leveraging PrecisionStory's experience in writing IoT solution stories and standardized process.
  • Write your IoT solution stories for you.

As an added benefit, not only can your IoT solution stories be used to educate your field, customers and in content marketing campaigns, but we can also incorporate them back into the appropriate Precision classes.

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Example Stories

Note: All story examples are contained in the Precision book and relevant Precision classes by industry

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